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Bat Mitzvah Party Montage June 11, 2011

This is a Bat Mitzvah party montage from June 11th, 2011. The candy-themed event was held at the Kernwood Country Club in Salem, MA which is a great place if you are planning to host a function….

17th annual Aviv Centers for Living Golf Tournament Slide Show

This is the third year I have edited a same day slide show for the Aviv Lexis fundraiser. The golfers get their pictures taken during the tournament and then all the pictures are put together for the big screen, to be played off on the side, when they come back from the course for cocktails and dinner. This year as always was a great success. Here is how the slide show turned out.

Boston Videographer

This is a Bat Mitzvah party montage from May 14th, 2011. The event was held at the Thomson Country Club in North Andover, MA and Party Excitement kept everyone out of their seats as usual!!!

This weekend we made adorable kitty videos for Pets In Need to help each of the kitties at the shelter get adopted. Please reblog, stumble, digg, tweet, post and Facebook share with everyone you can so that these wonderful, sweet little kitties can find loving homes and good people to care for them! The more shares they get, the higher their chances are of getting adopted. Thank you so much for sharing, we really appreciate it!!!


-Special thanks to Josh at Tanner Videos for his fantastic camera work and sweet editing skills!


Bust a Move!

You gotta love it when people let loose at weddings and get wild on the dance floor after a few cocktails. That’s exactly what happened this week at the wedding we shot at the Trinity Chapel at…

Bust a Move!

You gotta love it when people let loose at weddings and get wild on the dance floor after a few cocktails. That’s exactly what happened this week at the wedding we shot at the Trinity Chapel at Boston College. At the reception, which took place at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA, wedding guest Dave Wise busts out some serious dance moves for the camera. His solo performance is just too entertaining not to share. Enjoy!


Tips and Tricks: Using The Teleprompter App for Video Production

                            iPad teleprompter app screen shot

Recently while filming a corporate video project for Coco Early & Associates, I used the teleprompter app for the iPad and it worked brilliantly. As I mentioned in a previous post, my client is a real estate company that creates informative videos about various real estate topics to use on their website as part of their integrated marketing campaign. They are very busy so naturally it is hard for them to find the time to memorize the script for each and every video we make. A portable teleprompter is a very costly investment; you can buy one online for about $679 or rent one for around $70 per day.

                             Photo of a portable teleprompter

In a perfect world with an unlimited production budget a portable teleprompter would be fantastic, but realistically, most projects will have a budget that is too small for such a big investment. Alternatively, the iPad teleprompter app provides a far more practical solution.

I heard about the teleprompter application, which allows you to copy and paste the script directly into it and scroll the text across the screen to prompt the actors with their lines. In this case, we copied and pasted the text into the application directly from an email. One feature that I particularly liked about the app is that it gives you the ability to control the speed of the scrolling text to suit the pace of the speaker. Ideally when using a teleprompter, you would want the text to appear inside of the lens, but positioning it directly above or below the lens will work just as well. The Teleprompter app costs $10 to download on the iPad and $5 which is a much more cost-effective option than investing in a portable teleprompter.

I highly recommend using the iPad teleprompter application in video production as it will not only save you a lot of money, but it helped us save a great deal of time as well. Furthermore, the teleprompter app made my client feel more comfortable in her delivery, which as a result made the video look significantly more professional. You can download the same exact application for the iPhone 4 as well if you do not have access to an iPad. Here’s how the video turned out:

How Corporate Videos Can Help Your Business

Recently I’ve been working on some great corporate video projects for various clients, which inspires me to write about what corporate video can do for your business. There is no question that traditional marketing and business development methods are becoming increasingly obsolete as we enter the age of digital communication. Corporate marketing trends have largely shifted to the Internet as companies begin to conduct more and more business in the online arena. There is a new focus on quality content and viral media campaigns as companies scramble to stay at the cutting edge of their industry and one step ahead of their competitors. An effective online marketing campaign is one that integrates high-quality, relevant content with interactive and engaging media. Producing quality video content for your website is one fantastic and effective way to accomplish this.

To some, the Internet can seem like a fire hydrant of information. Most people will not spend more than one or two seconds on a company’s website if they do not find it immediately appealing. For web content to be appealing it must be interactive and engaging, written to be interesting and relevant to the reader (as opposed to the company) and it must be updated regularly. This type of dynamic web content is the key to capturing the right audience and keeping their attention as well as an advantage over your competitors.

One particular client of mine who really understands this principle is Coco Early Real Estate. Recently I’ve done a number of video projects for them that will enable them to effectively grow their business through interactive online marketing. The first project I completed for them was a simple 5-minute ‘how-to’ video focusing on “short sales”. In real estate, a short sale occurs when a property is sold and the lender agrees to accept a discounted payoff, meaning the lender will release the lien that is secured to the property upon receipt of less money than is actually owed. The video describes the process of how to go about selling one’s home ‘short’. As a real estate company, Coco Early’s target audience consists of anyone in the property market, buying or selling a home. A simple, straightforward, professional tutorial video will be gold to someone who may benefit from this knowledge and it could be the very resource that helps them get out of a difficult financial situation. As a company that offers real estate expertise as a service to both buyers and sellers, the value of such relevant video content, is immeasurable. Furthermore, this type of meaningful content can then be incorporated into major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where it will be fed into the online communities they have become a part of. Here is the Coco Early video on short sales:

Another project I did for Coco Eearly is a short welcome video that is now embedded on their homepage. The video is an overview of who they are, the services they offer and the useful features on their website:

These projects are a prime example of how a business can use professional corporate video to deliver dynamic content that is both relevant and valuable to their target market. Businesses can leverage corporate videos to increase website traffic, attract new customers and become an industry authority in their community. It’s a simple, yet brilliantly effective marketing tactic for any industry.


Comcast Commercial for Mount Saint Joseph Academy

Last month we created a Comcast Commercial for Mount Saint Joseph Academy, an all-girls private school in Brighton, MA. We worked with Grant Communications again, who we have worked with before on past projects, such as the Saint Mary’s project in 2010. Grant Communications wrote the script for the project and we filmed on location at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. The faculty and students who were involved in making the commercial all did a fantastic job! Above is the final project that is currently airing on Comcast.


Corporate Video in Today’s World

Corporate videos are becoming more of a standard if not necessity in todays fast paced business and technological world.  A big trend on the rise is having product demonstration videos on websites home or selected product pages.

Consumers are smart and will research products online before buying them.  If potential customers can view the product in action as opposed to only reading up on them they will have more visual information to make a decision off.  The website video may demonstrate that it is indeed the product they are looking for and the potential customer may be more inclined to make a purchase.

I recently made some product demonstration videos for clients of mine.  They both have new products on the market and wanted to visually demonstrate how they work.

Pop up tent product photo

Here is a link to the Quick Pitch Pop up Tent website with video that I did on the home page and below is a demo video for another new product for custom hockey stick wraps.

Epson Artisan 835 Product Review

After my two faithful Epson printers recently died – Epson RX680 and Epson R200 – I went out and bought the Artisan 835. It is hard to write a review about it right after registering it but I can tell you about the use of my old printers and what I hope for in this one.

Wedding DVD

I mainly used the Epson RX600 (above) and Epson R200 (below) to print directly onto the discs and also onto photo paper for DVD covers as I am in the video production business. The RX680 disc printing capabilities failed rather quickly but I was able to still use it for scanning and printing to photo paper for my DVD cover inserts.

                                               Epson Artisan 835 product photo

I went out and bought the R200 because it was the cheapest at the time and still printed onto the discs. The R200 worked out great and although it cannot print on paper any more it still prints onto the discs. I’ve probably had the printers for over two years and really beat them up as they are used for my home video production business.

Epson Artisan 835 product photo

I hope the Epson Artisan 835 (above) doesn’t eat up ink like the 680 and 200 as it really kills my wallet. Like shaving gets you with blades, Epson gets you with ink. Also at first look the disc tray on the Epson Artisan 835 looks a little wobbly so I hope (where as I would rather expect) for it to produce what the R200 has. The only other device on the market that looks affordable, stable, and efficient for disc printing is the Dymo DiscPainter. Overall I am happy with the purchase as long as it gets the job done and I don’t get cheated on the ink.  I am looking forward to the wireless capabilities as well and will write a follow up review once I have used it.

Wedding Pictures - An Enjoyable Experience…Or Not

I have covered many formal photography sessions over the last ten years of filming wedding videos, and, believe me when I say, that experience, for all of those involved, can be really fun or very tedious.

The actual filming of these wedding photography sessions, aka “the formals,” on video always come out nice; this is especially true when clients add their favorite song to the final edit. However, the formal photography session itself may or may not have been as enjoyable as it may now look in the finished product.

Ultimately, the success, and most importantly, the fun of your “formals” depends on your chosen environment, your bridal party, and of course, your wedding photographer.

Professional photographers should be someone who will work hard and in a diligent manner to ensure that they get your desired shot list, and then some. During these formal shoots, photographers can be intense and/or directive at times but, this is actually a good sign, because it shows that they know exactly what they need (require) and that they care about the results. Photographers have a tough job, a job that comes with high expectations. The intensity that is sometimes shown means that they are trying to get everything done in a professional manner in the time limit that has been set aside.

The last thing a client wants is a photographer who does not/or cannot take control of the situation.

When it comes to brides and grooms, a great tip during the formal sessions is to listen and communicate with the photographer and make sure that everyone on the list you have created are where they need to be when they need to be there. Remind everyone in your wedding party that the dance floor and bar will still be open for business after the pictures are finished.

Your bridal party and your family will listen to you if you repeat the photographer’s requests. This open communication line will not only speed up the process but also allow the photographer to focus more on taking a good picture.

Besides having your bridal party focused on being where they need to be when they need to be there, the surrounding environment, the location where you are actually going to have your photos taken, can have a major effect on the atmosphere of the photo session. If your wedding is being held in the middle of the summer, you can count on it being hot and possibly humid. I have seen plenty of people sweat miserably through their formals, so just keep that possibility in mind when choosing your location.

If your formals are being shot after the wedding ceremony and before the reception, be sure to request that cold beverages (preferably water) and appetizers from the cocktail hour are brought to the location where the formals are taking place. The location where you take the pictures will usually be outside and away from the cocktail hour, and most times, especially during the summer months, in the hot sun; make sure that water and shade is readily accessible.

Having that nearby shade and a private mini-cocktail hour will keep everyone comfortable and feeling fresh for pictures!

It is my experience in filming and covering weddings that the most important thing about making the “formals” fun and rewarding is that you are comfortable working with the photographer and that you are comfortable in your environment.

My advice to you is to make sure to book your photographer well in advance of your wedding date. Not only does this give you time to meet them and make sure you are getting the vibe you desire from them, but it will also eliminate some of the unnecessary stress that may come as you special day approaches.

Also, go over the list of people and the locations that will need to be photographed; take into consideration the environments you will be using and prepare for exactly what you will need when you are shooting there.

Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to a “formal” photography session that is as fun and enjoyable as it looks in the end!